Monday, February 19, 2007

The Book of Hope 19: Grrrrrrrrrrr

OK, you are never in a bazillion years gonna believe this, but I'm running late again--this time it's cuz my 'puter died! Unbelievable! At first I thought everything was lost forever, including everything I've written here, so I was totally freaking, but it looks like all the data is fine after all, it was just the system that got corrupted. My husband (how weird is it to type that word!? All week long I've been going around trying it out casually in sentences, you know, like to total strangers, and I really doubt I'll ever get used to it) reinstalled the system on a new hard drive, and now he's in "reinstall hell". So all I get at night is the back of his head and the occasional tantrum. Which feels really weird now coming from a 'husband' instead of a boyfriend, because instead of marching out the door I have to just well, you know, deal with it. So far (and it's been, what--like a week? OK, OK, 12 days exactly, but who's counting?) my favorite parts about being married are all the corny cliche stuff you'd expect, like having someone safe and warm to sleep next to who'll get up in the night and check things out if you hear a noise. Or fix your computer for you. Whether you're kidding yourself or not, being married feels like you're getting lifetime tech support.

So when he says everything's fixed and gives me the all-clear, I guess I'll start writing the story again. See you then. Sigh. Some Valentine's Day present...

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